You are the man!

...and that's totally meant in a gender neutral non-individualized way. Obviously you could be a woman or a man, or may not even be an individual but a group of men and women. There may even be some boys and girls in your colletiveness as well. We have no way of knowing and honestly we don't care. All we care about is that you are clearly an awesome genderless individual and/or organization... you know what we mean.

There are two ways to sponsor. You can pay online through paypal or by check through the mail (or we can pick up in person if you prefer). For online payment, click the "Pay Online" button, which will direct you to Paypal for payment, which will then send you to a Google forms page to gather information about you, your organization, etc. To pay by check, click the "Pay by Check" button, which will directly take you to the Google form to collect your information.

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